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Monday, August 26, 2013

Here's a shock! The idiot communists at rabble.ca are offended by Canada's proposed memorial to the victims of Communism

This is the website published by the spouse of federal NDP leader Libby Davies


Anne said...


desdeash said...

C'mon. We usually accuse weirdo groups of not having a sense of humour. I thought it was amusing even though I'm not on the same side of the political/economic divide.

We can't often change others' viewpoints but if they have a sense of humour, we can talk.

Richard K said...

I'll grant you it was an attempt at humor, Bob, but to actually call it that would be setting the bar pretty low.

I have some very good friends who are socialists and ..yikes!..even Marxists. Some of them, and certainly the ones I choose to spend time with, are lovely people on a social level.

However, if they were ever put in a position of power, we would be hopelessly screwed.

Anonymous said...

I read that the memorial to victims of communism is going up near the Supreme Court of Canada building.

It should be put somewhere that Rosalie Abella can see it from her office window.