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Monday, August 12, 2013

More slimy media slander and innuendo about Rob Ford

It's a hot, sweaty, August night at Toronto's Taste of the Danforth Greek Festival.

Toronto's mayor Rob Ford turns up to mingle with regular citizens has a couple of beers while 'letting his hair down.'

Despite the dishonest portrayal of him by the left-wing media that despises him, when Ford goes out in public, he is usually swarmed like a movie star by adoring citizens who want their photos taken with the mayor.

That happened, as usual, this week and in a video that just surfaced, Ford talks to a man n front of him about `the stink.`` Ford then asks `you want some cologne?"

Now spurious reports are emerging that Ford asked "you want some blow (i.e cocaine)? The ever-desperate and idiotic looking Toronto Star, in a column by Rosie di Manno, suggests that Ford asked "you want some bone/"

Di Manno, whose intimate knowledge of crack cocaine slang is evidently better than mine, professes that "bone" is slang for that drug.  The distinct 'c' at the beginning of the word "cologne' is unmistakably different tan a "b" sound. Eventually, as if bragging that paying basic attention is some thorough investigation by assiduous, conscientious  Toronto Star investigators, she gets around to writing:
"when the Star enhanced the audio, it became clearer what Ford is actually saying. Well, not entirely clear, but — after repeating “I’m not driving,” as if to reassure there’s no risk of another DUI on this evening — the mayor mutters something about “stink.” I can’t definitely make out if Ford is referring to himself or the photo-seeker standing close. He says: “Give me some cologne. You want some cologne? I’ll give you some cologne.”
Here's the video, and anyone with reasonable hearing can make out what Ford said.

Ford has been an exemplary mayor when it comes to protecting the interests of the City's taxpayers. He hasn't been using the citizens of Toronto as Guinea pigs in a socialist social experiment as predecessor did with the enthusiastic support of the left wing media..

The continuing popularity of Ford, despite their histrionic vendetta against him, burns deep and painfully in the wretched hearts of the Toronto Star's 'brain trust'. So any opportunity to rail against him is a piece of rancid cheese leaped upon by starving rats.

While not the psychiatric definition, there is a point to the bromide, "insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results." With the abysmal failure by The Star every time they have tried to malign Ford, it has become obvious that its writers' addiction to making themselves look idiotic in their pathological invective is worse than anything of which they have accused Rob Ford.


Unknown said...

Just out of curiosity, how exactly do you suppose our drunken friend got there Friday night?

According to uncontested reports, Ford was first seen alone, standing beside his Escalade on Greenwood. His staff was so far away that they had to go to him on the subway when tweets about his messy antics started appearing.

So how did a lonely drunk with an SUV get to the Danforth in the first place?

Richard K said...

From the reports I read, he showed up on his own, had a couple of beers, and was driven home by one of his staff.

The model of responsibility in using a designated driver, eh what?

I have no problem with a mayor being a little drunk at a street party.

My problem is with politicians who spend money like drunken sailors, and Ford ain't one of those.

Unknown said...

You've seen a witness account of his having a couple of beers on the Danforth. Because no one else has.

From today's National Post ...

"And a finer example couldn’t exist than his decision to go ambling down Danforth Avenue on Friday evening, during the annual “Taste of the Danforth” festival, after having ” a couple of beers.”

The mayor is a large man. When he staged his short-lived “cut the waist” diet, complete with weekly public weigh-in, he was well over 300 pounds. He’s not noticeably thinner today. “A couple of beers” isn’t likely to have much impact on a man of that size, which suggests he had a lot more than “a couple” before deciding on his impromptu visit.

How did he get himself there? He was photographed standing alone near his Cadillac Escalade, though he maintains he didn’t drink and drive. So did someone drive him there, park the car and then disappear? If he had the drinks after arriving, why are there no witnesses? The mayor is a hard man to miss; if he’d been sitting in a bar downing beers, he’d have been noticed."


Richard K said...

Well, we're getting into a lot of speculation here, Skippy.

I believe there are a few beer tents at Taste of the Danforth, so it's easily possible he grabbed one or two on his walk. I haven't been scouring the Net for witnesses, and looking to find out exactly where he drank the beer he admits drinking sounds a wee bit obsessive.

Some large folk don't process their alcohol as well as others, so it's possible he may be one who gets a quick buzz of a small amount.

Or maybe "a couple" was actually a few - I've pulled that one myself on occasion.

But in any case, I haven't heard of any hit-and-runs that night involving a large blond man driving an Escalade, so I'm really not sure how pushing this is of importance.

Unknown said...

If a teen runaway with a harpoon through her was found in the mayor's basement, I'm beginning to believe that you'd say that she was careless and slipped, Richard.

First, Ford is almost always guilty of whay he's accused of. The initial denial is now par for the course. The most disturbing trait of hizzoner is his unerring first instinct to lie.

Second, you earlier described him as being greeted like a rock star at the event, or something similiar, but now you're suggesting that he could get swayingly drunk in public unnoticed. Funny that.

Third, given the now multiple stories of Ford's chronic alcohol-related incidents over several years, I'd agree that he has a problem metabolizing ethanol. But it's much different than the one you seem to be suggesting it is.

Fourth, are you suggesting that we actually wait for the mayor of Toronto to plow an SUV into something or someone?

Fifth and finally, we;rent you outraged by Jack Layton's supposed conduct in a rub and tug twenty years ago and implied that it spoke to his fitness yo hold office? I might be misremembering that, but I don't think I am.

Richard K said...

Oh, so much to deal with. For one thing, I can't imagine how a runaway would end up harpooned in Ford's basement unless she had indeed slipped, other than an honest accident during an Arctic hunting excursion. Plenty of obese runaways look an awful lot like walruses, so it's an easy mistake that anyone could make.

However, our mayor is a man of the people, so it's easy that he could, chameleon-like, slip in and out unnoticed among the masses from time to time. Again, we're delving into the speculative here.

And my objection to Layton's rub-and-tug exposure was not at all related to moral outrage about his conduct in the "Velvet Touch". I'll refer you to a piece I wrote at the time:


It was disconcerting that the person who became leader of the Opposition would try to squirm out of it with idiotic excuses which in essence were, "I was too stupid to not be able to recognize a hand-job parlour in a downtown ward I lived in, spent almost all my time in and represented for a dozen years."

I could offer some anecdotes about how Layton was very capable of recognizing such a place, but let's let the dead rest.

Anonymous said...

You are right, he did say "cologne", not "bone" (or "blow"). Similarly, Sammy Yatsin's relatives said "jail the cops" and "charge the cops" not "kill the cops". Just goes to show you that both left wingers and right wingers suffer hearing loss when it serves their purposes. Seriously, listen to the Yatsin video again.

Richard K said...

Sounds like "Kill the pigs"

Could be their accents. "Pigs" is unmistakable. So is hooking up with OCAP and No One is Illegal, two of the most reprehensible organizations in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like "jail the pigs". Nice try though.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people thought Ford "sounds like" he says "want some blow?" - I guess haters hear what they want to hear, whether it's Ford haters or you in the case of Sammy Yatin's family.

Richard K said...

"Jail" has a hard "a"; "kill" has a soft "i" and what they say sure as hell sounds more like a soft "i" than a hard "a" , but maybe that's due to an accent.

from Vice.com's coverage..

"The crowd was determined as ever to have their point heard. Popular chants carried over from the last rally, such as: “Justice For Sammy,” and “No Justice No Peace,” and “Cops are Murderers,” but some people also shouted: “Kill the Police.” (It was meant to be ‘jail’) while uniformed officers lined the streets"