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Friday, August 23, 2013

OISE's new "Social Justice" Department Chair a speaker at Khomeinist al Quds Day & Board Member of 9-11 conspiracy-promoting website

Evidently the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)  has given up the pretense of being anything but a center of radical, anti-Western indoctrination.

Most recently, this appalling cesspool of neo-Marxist fanaticism made the news when one of its senior academics was arrested for producing child pornography. While that disgraceful distinction is revolting enough on its own, making matters worse is the fact that that same OISE academic, Professor Ben Levin, was responsible for attempting to introduce a hyper-sexualized curriculum for small children in public schools

That curriculum came with the blessing of OISE, a faculty of the University of Toronto, whose graduates and academics helped design that reprehensible effort to rob children of their innocence. 

If you think OISE, which is the most prominent teachers' education facility in Canada, couldn't get any worse, then think again.

Abigail Bakan speaking at a Khomeinist
CASMO al Quds Day event
This month, the institute named the new Chair for its "Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education" Department. That person is Abigail Bakan.

Ms Bakan is a Communist extremist who was a speaker at an al Quds Day event organized by the racist Khomeinist group CASMO. The Canadian Association of Shia Muslim Organizations (CASMO) is comprised of Khmomeinist fanatics who had a public relations fiasco when it became public knowledge that they were posting anti-Semitic videos made by the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. In the spirit of hatefulness that characterized the event, Bakan made the fatuous and despicably slanderous declaration that Israel "is exactly like the apartheid state of pre-1994 South Africa."

Bakan is also one of the five Editorial Board members of a 9-11 conspiracy promoting website called The Canadian Charger, whose founder and her co-Board member is Mohammed Elmasry, who infamously declared that all Jews in Israel over the age of eighteen are 'legitimate' targets for murder.

You might imagine that someone who makes common cause with anti-Semites and people who advocate the murder of homosexuals might not seem the ideal choice as a leader for "Social Justice Education." 

But then at OISE, "social justice"  isn't about justice at all.

At OISE, Social Justice is a euphemism for hateful detestation of Israel with its implied anti-Semitism of choosing the Jewish people as the one group on earth to whom they would deny national self-determination. Social Justice at OISE means advocacy for communism and totalitarian communist dictatorships, which deprive people of individual liberty. 

The department that Bakan will Chair had its only notable distinction in its former incarnation as OISE's Sociology and Equity Studies in Education Department, which has since folded into the new division.

That distinction came when one of its students and her thesis was denounced in the Ontario Legislature by the Minister of Citizenship and others for anti-Semitism.

Bakan, who was an instructor at a secretive, anti-Israel course at Queen's University, may have learned a lesson. Not about Social Justice, but about the need to spread hate with stealth.

That may fly in the basic principles of academic responsibility, but it would make it entirely consistent with what passes for Social Justice at OISE.

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This woman needs a brain scan.