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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Idiot Line 9 protester gets a hard lesson on the perils of being incredibly stupid in court

These Line 9 protesters add  a whole new depth to the term "imbecile."

They disrupt a court by clapping during proceedings, then when given a warning, seem to think that switching to snapping their fingers in court is an acceptable alternative option.

I kid you not.

One wonders whether these people's behavior is a result of profound ignorance or just brain damage:
"On Tuesday I participated in a show of court support by respectfully clapping as each of my fellow arrestees and friends from Swamp Line 9 were called to the front. After the justice of the peace threatened to clear the court, we switched to the quiet and unobtrusive snapping of our fingers. A police officer, at his own accord, decided to target and arrested one individual. Out of fear for her safety, being locked in a room with two armed and aggressive males without supervision, some of us tried to negotiate her release. Police responded en masse with force.

I was arrested for assault on police, obstruction and disrupting the court."

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