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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family of slain Sammy Yatin chants "kill the cops" and "kill the pigs" at protest

The protests about the recent Toronto police killing of an armed teenager who attempted to take hostages on a streetcar have been usurped by violent Marxist and anarchist groups.

The NDP-linked and union-funded, Marxist, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty along with the anarchist No One Is Illegal have used the death of Sammy Yatin to put their anti-police, anti-establishment message at the forefront. Using the sister and other members of Yatin's family as dupes, the family has discredited itself by adopting the violent posture of the radical groups with their shouts of "kill the pigs" and "kill the police"  at a protest held yesterday.

GenuineWitty has been covering the protests and recorded the video below:

(UPDATE: some people are disputing whether Yatim family members said "kill" or "jail." I have been unable to find any clarification from the family so far. At one point is sounds like they are chanting "chill the police." You can listen to the video below and judge for yourself. Some at the protest, which has become dominated by reprehensible groups like No One is Illegal, were clearly saying "Kill the pigs" and "kill the police")


Anonymous said...

Listen more carefully - they said "Jail the cops" "charge the cops" not kill the cops.

Richard K said...

Is "pigs" misunderstood too? Must be their accents. Or maybe they spent too much time with OCAP and No One is Illegal and some of their evil rubbed off.

Anonymous said...

Point is they didn't say "kill" and your post is libelous.

Richard K said...

"Jail" has a hard "a"; "kill" has a soft "i" and what they say sure as hell sounds more like a soft "i" than a hard "a" , but maybe that's due to an accent.

from Vice.com's coverage..

"The crowd was determined as ever to have their point heard. Popular chants carried over from the last rally, such as: “Justice For Sammy,” and “No Justice No Peace,” and “Cops are Murderers,” but some people also shouted: “Kill the Police.” (It was meant to be ‘jail’) while uniformed officers lined the streets"