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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toronto Star sinks to publishing a sanctimonious alcoholic's fake concern about Rob Ford

I know something about drinking problems. I have struggled with one for my entire adult life. I continue to struggle with it today. 
My extended family includes enough drunks to populate an AA chapter. I’ve had close friends and roommates who drag broken relationships, lost jobs, destroyed bodies, and jail terms in the long train of empty bottles that follows them everywhere they go. I’m familiar with alcohol abuse, and how, when you have a problem with it, it can infect everything.
Frankly, I couldn't care less what this guy has to say about anything, but it is noteworthy that al Starzeera would sink to publishing this tripe.

It goes on to present more of the hypocritical and sanctimonious pretense of 'concern' for Rob Ford they published regarding unproven, dishonest allegations of his drinking interfering with his mayoral duties. This yellow journalism is indicative of the histrionic pathology dominating the Toronto Star's editorial board.


Anonymous said...

Get over it Richard

Anonymous said...

Your response - slamming the Star - is not surprising, but what does surprise me is how you and other members of the so-called "Ford Nation" are prepared to blithely rationalize away any criticism of Rob Ford. Whatever he may be, and whatever his personal demons may or may not be, the simple fact remains that as the chief magistrate of Canada's largest city he leaves a lot to be desired.

Over the past several years, one of the best ways to know whether something was true was to check how vehemently Ford denied it. The louder the denial, the closer to the truth one was. Remember the drunk driving in Florida? Remember the incident at the Maple Leafs game?

Just what will Ford have to do to deserve some opprobrium from Ford Nation? Will he have to commit a fatal hit-and-run? Beat or choke a football player into unconsciousness? Commit a six- or seven-figure fraud rather than the four- and five-figure peccadillos he's run up so far? How far does he have to go - how low does he have to sink - before you and your friends realize that this is not the man people thought they elected?

Richard K said...

Whether Ford leaves anything to be desired is something for the electorate as a whole, not you or the pompous, dishonest, insecure twits at The Toronto Sleaze, to decide.

That's what's really getting to you, isn't it? That scream and shout and throw all the tantrums you like about Ford, you aren't making a whit of difference.

Here's looking forward to The next municipal election!