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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Canadian "peace group" acting on behalf of the Iranian and Syrian dictatorships

An oddball Hamilton, Ontario activist named Ken Stone is part of the so-called Canadian Peace Alliance, being the spokesman for its Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War branch. He has been the guest of the Iranian dictatorship and upon his return to Canada, complained bitterly about being asked questions by CSIS about his all-expenses paid visit to the world's leading state-sponsor of terrorism.

Given that the Canadian Peace Alliance acts like a front group for Iranian interests in Canada, it should surprise no one that they are supporters of the Syrian dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. In an interview on the fanatical neo-Marxist website rabble.ca, Stone expresses his pleasure that Assad's forces seem to be gaining the upper hand against rebels trying to bring down the dictatorial regime.

Ken Stone at
a Khomeinist al Quds Day
protest in Toronto
Syria is one of Iran's few close allies in the middle east. The downfall of their ally Assad's regime would further isolate Iran's dictatorship, which is currently feeling pain from international sanctions. Syria has been a conduit for Iranian weapons to Hezbollah, its proxy terror group in Lebanon. With Assad gone, Iran's influence in Lebanon would take a major hit, which is why Iran's proxies are desperate to try to prevent western countries from giving further support to the Syrian rebels.

However, if they want to be convincing, Iran really does need to come up with a better class of shill than people like Ken Stone. In his interview he actually tries to portray Assad's Syria, which is known for torturing and killing political dissidents, as a middle eastern paradise that is even more democratic than Canada.

Evidently believing the sort of person attracted to so-called peace groups like his to be gullible imbeciles, Stone describes Syria as "a very multicultural country like Canada" with "a government that guarantees the rights of all the minorities in the country."

Clearly trying to build sympathy for a brutal, murderous dictator,  Stone hammers away at the theme that Assad's Syria is like liberal, democratic Canada.  Repeating his analogy, he says of Syrians that "they live in a multicultural society; sounds like Canada" Then, describing accounts from western media and governments, he protests that "they will tell you that the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad is a dictator, but actually he's been elected with a lot higher majority than either Prime Minister Harper or Obama has received."

Stone leaves out that Assad's electoral victories bear a striking resemblance to those won by his fellow Ba'athist Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who routinely claimed 99.9% of the vote in his favor.

Pushing the lie that the Syrian rebels are all foreign mercenaries paid for by the US, Stone seems to have borrowed talking points from his associate, the racist Khomeinist, Zafar Bangash.

There is absolutely nothing honest or useful to be learned about Syria from Ken Stone and his comrades at the Canadian Peace Alliance. But their desperation is informative about other matters, such as the extent to which Iran is worried about Assad's demise and the ways that the Iranian dictatorship utilizes Canadian groups for its own aims.

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The Hammer said...

This is a growing problem in Canada and CSIS is right to be concerned. I am confident there are any number of paid Canadian operatives reporting to Damascus and Tehran. Some days I read the comments on news stories about Iran or Syria from major Canadian news sites and I know for sure something is wrong. Way way too many pro-Iran and pro-Syria comments.