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Monday, May 13, 2013

"Adult" model doubles up as Iranian regime propaganda TV “reporter”

PressTV, the official news outlet of the theocratic government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, has employed an Australian correspondent, Edwina Storie, who is a former “adult entertainment” model and big-boozing party girl.
Her behaviour, all perfectly lawful here in Australia, would be sufficient for her to be stoned to death in the theocratic and tyrannical regime that pays her to propagandise on their behalf.
Storie, a trained journalist and glamour model, has recently started reporting for the Iranian news outlet, with stories including one broadcast this weekend cheering on the efforts of local ultra-left and Greensparty militants to institute a “boycott” against the Jewish state of Israel of the kind once pushed in Nazi Germany. Respecting customs in Iran, Edwina Storie partly covered her hair and dressed modestly during the broadcast.


And the aftermath of being exposed, in which Edwina plays the dumb blonde card HERE

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The Hammer said...

One can only wonder what will happen to her if she visits Iran. Being a Press TV employee I doubt she will be arrested. Unless she is raped that is.