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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Toronto Star's "Mad Dog" Siddiqui upset about a rabies shot

The Toronto Star's resident Islamist (as Tarek Fatah refers to him), Haroon Siddiqui, is upset with Robert Fulford for pointing out the obvious.

A Siddiqui column described Stephen Harper's support for Israel as being "rabid." Fulford noted that the simple-minded fanaticism of the anti-Israel horde merits that description far better than anything suggested by the Canadian Prime Minister.

Employing what might be described as Taqiyya, as form of lying permitted by Islam to further Islamic goals, Siddiqui, in a letter to the National Post, protests he "is a supporter of Israel." If by supporter, Siddiqui means he has not outright called for the elimination of Israel and the death of all Jews, he may have an obtuse point.

But for someone who has unrelentingly taken the side of Israel's enemies in virtually every instance, "Mad Dog" Siddiqui's howl of protest sounds a bit hollow.

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