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Friday, May 17, 2013

Toronto District School Board celebrates International Sex Workers’ Day

Given the type of education kids are getting at the Toronto District School Board, and their propensity towards promulgating graphic sexual material in classrooms,  "sex worker" may be one of the few career paths available to its graduating students.

Nonetheless, it is still somewhat disturbing and inappropriate that the TDSB is celebrating International Sex Workers Day.

Brian's Blog has the details:
Every year, the Toronto District School Board publishes a Days of Significance Calendar for students. It includes the holidays of different religions and various UN mandated observances. May 15, for example, is the International Day of Families.     
The TDSB also includes the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers on the Calendar.    
You might find it odd that the Board thinks violence against sex workers is an issue school kids should worry about. I certainly do. I hope that for most of their school careers our kids won’t even know sex workers exist.    
The Board could choose to highlight all sorts of different days. For instance, National Library week was October 17 – 24 and National School Library Day was October 22.  But these don't make it onto the School Board’s Calendar. So why do sex workers rate and librarians don’t?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Librarian sex workers could be a very profitable offshoot, as I'm sure there is no shortage of those who would entertain their services..
In fact, that category could warrant an entire month of "National Librarian Sex Workers" tribute.