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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Piranhas' descend on Mayor Rob Ford

The feeding frenzy continued over the weekend as the Star reportedly stalked the mayor’s family both in Etobicoke and up at their cottage, leaving the mayor’s mom absolutely beside herself.
I still remember how in 2009 when I dared suggest the former mayor David Miller trotted out his family for the first time (for show) during his resignation speech, I was beaten up by my detractors for days after. Not once did I stalk him at home or at the various eateries he was known to frequent, despite the many tips I received. The mere mention of Miller’s family was a travesty to the left.
It shouldn’t be far from the public’s mind that Councillor Ana Bailao was recently charged with a serious drinking and driving offence for which she lost her licence for six months.
That went away far too quickly and quietly — because it involved a leftist councillor.
But because it is Ford, it is all fair game, folks.
“There has been a double standard ... he’s had coverage and scrutiny no mayor has gotten so far,” says Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday. “The fight with the Toronto Star has just gotten out of hand.”



Unknown said...

Just out of curiosity, who keeps throwing the meat in the water?

The Rob Ford scandal routine is now so predictable tha it's boring.

1) Ford fucks up.

2) Ford lies about it.

3) When presented with evidence of his wrongdoing and/or stupidity, Ford admits the truth, yet somehow still manages to blame the Toronto Star.

4) Ford waits patiently for the whole mess to go away. Offers tens of billions of dollars worth of "free" subways to people too stupid to recognize the irony of this coming from someone who promised to "stop the gravy train."

5) Ford repeats steps 1-4 in newer and even more exciting ways.

Having almost given up on the idea of good government, I might campaign for Ford's re-election.

If nothing else, is administration makes for a good snuff movie. And can anyone convincingly discount the possibility that he might kill a whore someday?

Richard K said...

There are quite a few that might kill a prostitute someday. Most of the one's I'd put at the top of the list are Liberal MPs or ex-MPs.

Unknown said...

Really? Say what you will about the Grits - and I've actually called them a cancer in public - but I'm not aware of many of them engaging in the escalating storm of fuck-uppery that Ford seems to personally embody.

And not for nothing, but exactly how many of Harper's Senate appointees have been kicked out of caucus in the last few months?

Richard K said...

I don't know, Skippy. When the Liberals fuck up, they usually do it with our tax money, AdScam, eHealth, ORNGE, Gas Plant cancellations for political opportunism, etc, etc. And their scandals cost the taxpayers billions.

I'll take Ford's personal foibles over that any day of the week.