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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hell really must have frozen over - I'm in agreement with Rick Salutin twice in the same month

Last week Salutin wrote a fine tribute to the late Toronto Sun publisher Peter Worthington.

This week, at least part of his column shows uncharacteristic (for anyone at The Toronto Star) insight into some of the discord afflicting Toronto:

...If there’s any truism I cling to, it’s that: people don’t get the leaders they deserve. Why not? Because of all the haughty intervenors between the citizens and those who govern — they generally get the leaders they select, either sooner or later. Here I come to urban guru and U of T prof Richard Florida, who I do find embarrassing in this context, but also instructive. He wrote this week in the Globe and Mail: “It is time to convene a blue-ribbon commission on Toronto’s future . . . the top leaders of all of our key institutions must step up — our banks and corporations, schools and universities, labour unions, the city, the province, and more. No one can stand on the sidelines if we are going to forge the model of private-public partnership that is needed . . . ”   
Does he really not get it — that this is exactly the mentality that led to the Ford mayoralty, out of widespread popular disgust for an unelected elect who think they have the right to gather in blue ribbon bodies and decide on behalf of everyone else?

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