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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gay Rights and Gun Rights Linked in Seattle Posters, Causing Gun Control Freaks' Heads To Explode

Across Seattle, reports alt-weekly The Stranger, posters are appearing linking gay rights and gun rights in ways that are just freaking out the usual control-freaky suspects. Some of the posters suggest that disliking guns is just like disliking homosexuality: a personal foible that ought not be turned into legislation. Other posters suggest that armed gays "aren't going to take shit from homophobes." It's clearly inconceivable that anybody could actually hold in his or her mind, simultaneously, a regard for the right of people to love who they want and respect for the right of self-defense, so it must be some horrible, trollish plot.

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The Hammer said...

Visited Seattle for the first time recently. Saw the Smith & Wesson building there. Beautiful structure. All paid for by guns :)