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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Toronto Star Editor tries his hand at comedy

"Mr. Ford, your accusation of a vendetta [by The Toronto Star against you]  is, to use your word, ridiculous. "

They've stalked him at his home and cottage and libeled him by making false allegations of him assaulting a high school football player, which the student himself refuted but the Star never retracted. They had columnists claiming Toronto's voters are "crazy" and an uncivilized horde for voting Rob Ford into office. Every petty lapse by the mayor is treated like a war crime. But vendetta..??

Naww..of course not.

Plus... The Toronto Star essentially admits Ford's opponents are douche bags:

"To other tribes of Toronto — the bourgeois bohemians of Riverdale sauntering past sunny Carrot Common, the Lululemoned pram-pushers of Bloor West village, the discerning North Toronto patrons of Pusateri’s — this mayor and his supporting army of strangers from a strange land is mystifying, maddening . . . and more than enough to ruin even the most virtuous yoga high."

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