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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian's vile terror apologist, is at it again

This time,  The Guardian's sanctimonious nitwit, who is so egregious a terror-apologist that even Bill Maher has called him out for it, was making excuses for the savages who beheaded an off-duty soldier on the streets of London yesterday:
That this was a barbaric and horrendous act goes without saying, but given the legal, military, cultural and political significance of the term "terrorism", it is vital to ask: is that term really applicable to this act of violence? To begin with, in order for an act of violence to be "terrorism", many argue that it must deliberately target civilians. That's the most common means used by those who try to distinguish the violence engaged in by western nations from that used by the "terrorists": sure, we kill civilians sometimes, but we don't deliberately target them the way the "terrorists" do.

But here, just as was true for Nidal Hasan's attack on a Fort Hood military base, the victim of the violence was a soldier of a nation at war, not a civilian. He was stationed at an army barracks quite close to the attack. The killer made clear that he knew he had attacked a soldier when he said afterward: "this British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
h/t Sam Schulman

Here you go, Glenn - if they did it to you, I'm sure it wouldn't be terrorism..

check out the last 2 minutes of this video:

UPDATE: Murdered terror victim, Drummer Lee Rigby, father of a 2 year-old

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Anonymous said...

'Vile apologist' has it right. He's at once both morally conceited and deeply callous.