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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun with Internet trolls

Obviously, I should find better things to do, but I decided to waste time again on twitter today.  As some wit once said about the Internet - if you were talking about it in the past, you might say 'someday, we will have something that will let you communicate with anyone in the world instantly and access the sum total of human knowledge, and we'll use it to look at funny pictures of cats and pick fights with strangers.' Well, I was involved in some of that this afternoon.

I retweeted a comment by Ezra Levant about the apparent hypocrisy of the Toronto Star's outrage over the, ahem, ...alleged crack cocaine use by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford:

Then for reasons unknown, someone named Werner Patels decided to include me in his reply to Ezra.

The name sounded vaguely familiar. Werner, as a quick google search revealed, is a sometime contributor to The Huffington Post. In his self-written twitter profile, he describes himself in effusive terms as a "thinker" and "improver of all things"

Now if someone with such a pompous, self-inflated public opinion of themselves wants to play trash talk with me,  I'm usually game, so I played back with:

Implying Werner is pompous evidently really pissed him off:

Scumbag?!?  Scumbag!?! Them's fightin' words!  Well, take this, Werner!:

Werner was none too pleased with that and shot back:

Ah! It appeared that Werner hadn't clued in that he had replied to me when he replied to Ezra's tweet. So being the friendly, helpful fellow I am, I thought I'd politely let him know where he made his error:

That really set off poor Werner!

He either was too lazy to bother to check his own correspondence or simply doesn't understand how the medium he was using works. But in either case, I think I actually saw some of the forehead veins in his litter twitter image throbbing and him sucking even harder on his lips when he blasted out these two tweets:

Clearly, the obviously humorless Werner still hadn't figured out that he initiated contact with me. It was therefore incumbent on me to set him straight (because I was bored killing time before I needed to join a conference call  ...ok,  that doesn't really make it incumbent, but I was having fun):

And that was the last I have heard from Werner Patels.

Bottom line: I really need to find more productive things to do between calls!


rick mcginnis said...

I don't think this "thinker" and "improver of things" has any idea how Twitter and, by extension, the internetz work.

Richard K said...

Sure doesn't look like it, Rick.

Then again, the "improver of all things" did improve my day a bit in that I did get a good laugh out of all this!

Flea said...

He looks like a man with limited upper body strength.

Anonymous said...

He was on Sun News a few times in the past. He seemed to have some common sense ideas then after visiting his website My Two Cents,he was being negative about the network. Why he had a problem with it then I don't know, but he went from being a guest, to slagging it. Whether the network ended up bothering his sensibilities over time, or someone from there pissed in his cornflakes I don't know. He also used to live in Calgary.

Richard K said...

I don't know, Flea, he looks like he might be able to lift weights with his lips.

Anonymous said...

Richard here's his website http://www.wernerpatels.com/
he was ok when he lived in Calgary but after moving to Tranna has become a conservative Hater of the first order.

The Hammer said...

Typical far left libtard. Always talking about what is going to happen. They have nothing to brag about so they just talk about what is going to happen.