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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toronto Star's vendetta against Rob Ford - time to put up or shut up

The Toronto Star has been engaged in a vendetta against Rob Ford that has manifested into an obsession.

Now they accused Toronto's mayor of taking crack cocaine based on the word of Somali drug dealers and a grainy cell phone video they want to sell for $200,000.

According to Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday, Ford has categorically denied he is in the video and that the has used crack cocaine.

We do know there are other people who look like Rob Ford. Did the Star verify in any way it was actually Rob Ford in the video before going about their usual business of trying to destroy his reputation?

It's time for the Star to put up or shut up. Either buy the video and establish you're telling the truth, or send your so-called journalists to crawl back under their collective rock.

The Star has put more than $200k worth of time and energy into trying to destroy Ford. If what they are alleging is the truth, why not pony up the dough?

What are they waiting for?

UPDATE: Read this post by Blazing Cat Fur to understand why Ford is bulletproof against his attackers.


Anonymous said...

And, of course, if the Star bought the video you'd be accusing them of chequebook journalism and of funding criminals.

Kash Sayles said...

Or perhaps two Star reporters and one Gawker editor independently put their names to allegations that they saw clear, well lit of the real Mayor Ford smoming real crack. The Star likely has policies about paying sources, crack dealers have inclinations to not give things away for free. Gawker appears to have no such scruples. Such is life. Yes, the Star has a vendetta, shall we play the "you started it, no YOU started it" game? Why bother. Rob Ford is a broken human and shouldn't be mayor. I for one among many am holding my nose and hoping.for the win.

The Hammer said...

I am sure they would not have to cover the cost themselves. CUPE would probably chip in. As would any number of democracy hating idiots. Like the ones that sued Rob.

Richard K said...

Well, Kash, we have this lovely thing called democracy here in Toronto, as in all our proud nation (outside the confines of the ironically-named "Human Rights" Commissions). For those so desperate to get rid of Ford, all you have to do is run a candidate who can beat him in the next election in a year and a half.

Maybe Adam Vaughan. I'm sure he'll pull in huge numbers in North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. Or maybe that drunk driver Ana Bailao? How about Olivia Chow? She looks pretty sexy in a bikini!

The Hammer said...

It is clear the Star hates democracy.

Richard K said...

It does seem to be run by adults who act like spoiled children.

Interesting how these people who were so upset about the non-existent "bullying" of Justin Trudeau in Tory attack ads are themselves engaged in the most vicious, relentless campaign of bullying against Rob Ford of a kind never before seen in Canadian politics.