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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blind love doesn't guide Rob Ford's supporters, disgust with his opposition does

An important piece from Blazing Cat Fur that delineates why Rob Ford's support has remained so solid:

DiManno and it would seem most of Toronto's downtown, just don't get the Ford thing, which is odd given they created him. Ford is a symbol, he is Toronto's Sarah Palin. Why? Because we love how he drives the liberal- left crazy.  It really is that simple. They condescend  and we reciprocate - by supporting Rob Ford who is better, in our humble opinion, as our Mayor than anything they have to offer.

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The Hammer said...

She is looking for a way for the Star to buy this video and not look like a bunch of slime balls. To come off as morally superior (which is how they like to portray themselves) while still giving a known drug dealer $200K for a video.