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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will the NDP/Liberal cat fight end up as a sell-out of Ontario's taxpayers?

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath is behaving like a deliciously sadistic political manipulator.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is showing a palpable desperation to avoid an election in the wake of a Gas Plant cancellation scandal that cost Ontario taxpayers over half a billion dollars. The Having the Provincial NDP sign off on Wynne's budget is the only way the Liberals can hold on to power and Horvath seems to be reveling in that.

Taking full advantage of the Premier's weakness, Horvath is making Wynne contort and publicly prostrate herself, both committing to adopt just about every NDP demand in their budget and today offer a humiliating apology before the press corps. The latter stuck hard in Wynne's craw, in which she said she was sorry about a dozen times, but with typical Liberal insincerity, did not actually admit any culpability on behalf of her or her political party.

But Horwath has still not publicly committed to supporting the government in an upcoming vote, which if lost will result in a provincial election. The question now is whether after all that, Horwath pulls the rug out from under Wynne, leaving the Premier vulnerable and looking ridiculous, or will the NDP sell out Ontario's taxpayers fearing that an election may not do the 3rd party much good?

In either case, this has been an informative week about the character of Ontario's two most prominent political women.

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