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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bupkis Bernie, Sea Hitler Sandy and self-promoters for whom "Jew" is a résumé item

Going from being a big shot to bupikis affects some people worse than others. Some do it with grace, and others have an excruciating time letting go.

Bernie Farber was, for a very long time, one of Canada's best-known "official Jews." I never met a Jew who ever had the opportunity to elect Farber to speak on their behalf, and most of the ones I know shake their head with shame when he speaks as a "representative of Canada's Jewish community." But since there's no formal qualification for the position other than a few lazy mainstream media sources quoting you as such, he got the job.

Bernie was once head of the now defunct Canadian Jewish Congress. Now he's not.

But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to put himself forward as an official Jew. Now the causes that Bernie is pushing have put him pretty close with some of the reprehensible characters in a hateful anti-Israel movement reviled by almost every Jew in Canada.

That includes a special, fatuous breed of Jew like Sea Hitler Sandy Ruch who has decided that aligning herself with causes promoting the anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying regime in Iran is a good idea.  For people like Ruch and oddball fanatics at fringe groups like those calling themselves Independent Jewish Voices, "Jew" is less a commitment to system of religious beliefs than it is a resume item and attempt to give cover for the Jew hate of their anti-Semitic associates. 

The Bernie Farbers of this world have the right to their opinions and their causes. But until he or those like him are elected Pope of the Jews, they should not claim to be speaking for them.