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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Femen leader chosen as inspiration for French stamp - Islamic outrage ensues

Only two days after Femen movement leader Inna Shevchenko was chosen as one of the inspirations for France's new official stamp, the controversial Ukrainian activist, known for her topless protests has sparked an outcry on Twitter for a July 9 tweet where she slams the holy month of Ramadan and Islam. 

The tweet in question was discovered on July 16, a day after Shevchenko was chosen as the first foreign woman to represent the incarnation of Marianne, one of France's national emblems.

On July 9, Shevchenko tweeted: "What can be more stupid than Ramadan? What can be more uglier then [sic] this religion?"


Anonymous said...

"Holy month" of Ramadan?

Richard K said...

It's from the Radio Free Europe website. Currently funded by the same people who brought you the Obama Apology Tour.