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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Satan needs sacrificial cats! Huntingdon, Que. Mayor Stephane Gendron says he deliberately runs over cats, SPCA investigates

Huntingdon mayor Gendron's car, with which he claimed
to run over cats, is adorned with Satanic symbols
Stephane Gendron, the mayor of Huntingdon Quebec, says he was joking when he claimed that he deliberately runs over cats with his car.

An aficionado of Satan who has the number 666 on his vanity license plate, Gendron may indeed have been joking.

But on the other hand, for someone who demonstrates a fondness for Satan, and who deplores Christianity and Israel, sacrificing innocent domestic animals to Beelzebub wouldn't entirely be a shock, would it?

If Satan and Vladimar Lenin had a love child,
it might look like this


The Hammer said...

CBC news omitted his Satanic leanings in their article on his comments. I tried to post in the comments section of the article along with a link to your article. But the moderator did not allow it.

Richard K said...

Ha! That's funny!

Thanks - my guess is that the CBC would be worried about offending someone. I would suspect a lot of CBC staff are big fans of Old Nick too.