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Friday, July 5, 2013

Critical Race Insanity at the University of Toronto

From Matthew Lau in the Propagandist: 

The Fortress of Stupidity - OISE
As Ben Shapiro writes, the main premise of critical race theory is that society is “too corrupted, too based on the notion of white supremacy, for equal protection of the law to ever be a reality. The system must be made unequal in order to compensate for the innate racism of the white majority”. It is a form of racism that targets white people under the guise of social justice or anti-racism.
Critical race theory is dark and disturbing, and is prevalent in progressive circles across North America.  There are few places more progressive than a university campus; unfortunately, critical race theory is promoted within the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), a Marxist organization which over 500,000 of Canada's university students are forced to join and pay into. The CFS defines “white privilege” as a concept that “refers to the benefits experienced by people who are not racialised as a result of systemic racism. It is a concept used in critical race theory to describe racial inequities... White privilege is a manifestation of systemic societal racism that exists regardless of whether overt racism occurs in a given context”. They go on to say that “there is a great need for wider education at all levels on how whiteness reproduces itself in a myriad of subtle and systemic ways. Basic information about white privilege should be taught in first year courses”.

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Pyrodafox said...

The irony of Critical Race Theory is that it appears that many of its proponents are in fact white, therefore I see it as a form of cultural control a tiny group of white, Marxist elites impose on minorities. Their theories would swiftly become obsolete and irrelevant if society were truly heading towards a state of legal equality for all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, or creed so they need keep minorities in a perpetual state of inequality to maintain their chokehold on academia. Blaming "whitey" for societies is just a cover for the boot they put to the individual's face.