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Monday, July 15, 2013

Ontario's Premier dissembles: Wynne tries to distance accused child pornographer Levin from her Sex Ed agenda

Ontario's OISE Premier Kathleen Wynne today tried to distance herself and her controversial sex education curriculum from Benjamin Levin, the accused child pornographer who ran the Ministry of Education while she held that portfolio as Minister.
“Ministers and deputy ministers do not write curriculum,” said Wynne, a former education minister whose revamp of sex education was kiboshed by ex-premier Dalton McGuinty in 2010 after some religious groups complained it was too risque....So you know, any suggestion that there was that kind of interference, it just demonstrates a lack of understanding of how curriculum actually is written,” the premier said.
Premier Wynne must hope that the public really does have no understanding of how government works. Of course Ministers and Deputy Ministers do not write curriculum. But they are also responsible for the ones introduced in their Ministries. But more significantly, they appoint and have great influence over the advisors and "stakeholders" chosen to formulate those policies.
Accused child pornographer Ben Levin 
with Kathleen Wynne in June 2013

Is Kathleen Wynne seriously saying that she and her chosen Deputy Minister did not fully approve of a highly controversial Sex Education curriculum which their Ministry introduced and which she and Levin were fully responsible?

No, Levin and Wynne didn't personally write the curriculum through which pre-pubescent children would have been exposed to its graphic accounts of masturbation, anal sex and more. It was written for them by others selected by them.  Levin and Wynne were the ones trying to impose it.

And only an imbecile would think that Wynne and her underling Levin would impose a controversial curriculum that did not have their full support and guidance.

As Kathy Shaidle pithily wrote in Taki Magazine, "it would be so damn funny if the incriminating “evidence” on Benjamin Levin’s confiscated computer turns out to be copies of that explicit sex-ed curriculum he and his fellow “educators” wanted to shove down thousands of young throats."


MW said...

I worry they are going to start calling OISE the Ontario Institute for Sex in Education.

Richard K said...

As that fellow on the Simpson`s says, `It`s funny because it`s true!``

However, despite the recent firestorm, Ontario Institute for Socialist Education is more accurate, and ultimately will cause more damage to susceptible minds.