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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why is Justin Bieber peeing into a restaurant mop bucket and swearing at Bill Clinton?

I guess when you gotta go, and you're a pop idol, you pee where you like...

More at TMZ

UPDATE: The Beeb has apologized to Bill Clinton. No word on whether's he's offered an apology to the bucket, which all things considered, deserves one more.


Anonymous said...

You're just postin' Beiber 'cause that'll get you traffic. After all, it's one of the number one rules for increasing traffic.

However, if you managed to get the other (Trudeupian) Justin on tape doing potty in a mop bucket, that'd be the bomb!

Gilles Pembroke

Richard K said...

I've seen things at Liberal gatherings a lot more raunchy than peeing in a bucket!

The Hammer said...

He was clearly drunk and at a bar. Could have been worse :P

David said...

Mentioning Bieber on a Blogspot blog won't get any traffic, Gilles Pembroke! Sites like TMZ already broke the story. But somehow I think if Justin were black it wouldn't be such a big deal.