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Monday, July 8, 2013

Ford Fest is a success..and The Toronto Star is REALLY pissed off

...So what a glorious few days it has been for this happy burg, the greatest on the planet. Last Friday, Ford Fest attracted a small army of Torontonians who trekked to the farther reaches of Scarborough, sometimes getting lost on the way, to support the great man himself. Thanks to the munificence of Mayor Rob Ford, they enjoyed free hamburgers and beer, fridge magnets and photographs, as well as His Worship’s personal phone number, a good one to call next time they have any questions about potholes, garbage pick-up or crack cocaine.

Why, he even led the adoring hordes in a round of “Subways, subways, subways,” that oft-heard anthem that made the faithful feel warm and fuzzy even as they waited in traffic to get home.
Huge turnout for Ford

Amusingly, the comments on the al Starzeera  article are calling Hume out for being full of crap..

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Video of Ford Fest 2013