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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Michael Coren on The Levin Factor

Yesterday evening, I was discussing some of the aspects of the proposed Ontario Sex Education curriculum with a friend who is a mother of a 13 year old boy. I mentioned a couple of the subjects that Kathleen Wynne and Ben Levin, her Deputy Minister of Education who was arrested on child pornography charges this week, wanted introduced.

This woman, who has immaculate credentials as a "progressive leftist," was appalled that I even mentioned the subject titles around her 13 year-old. I did it with with no further information other than the titles and mentioned far less salacious ones than Michael Coren did in his article in Today's Toronto Sun linked below.

The point is, if just describing the actual subjects scandalized a liberal-minded parent of a child two years older than the age at which Wynne and Levin wanted to teach such graphic sexual material, imagine how disturbing it would be to parents for their pre-pubescent children to get the full, hard-core indoctrination.

Michael Coren's article The Levin Factor in Today's Toronto Sun provides important facts about the agenda that Kathleen Wynne and the institution where Ben Levin was a senior academic, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), wanted to impose on public school children in Ontario.
"...tremendously unsettling is that Levin was a major player in an educational establishment that gave us 2010’s radical and extreme sex education curriculum; it was postponed due to public pressure, but Premier Wynne has promised to reintroduce it.

The sex education program in question proposed that 11-year-olds focus on gender identity, homophobia, personal satisfaction and learning about their bodies through masturbation and vaginal lubrication."

N.B. The very first time I appeared on Michael's show The Arena on the Sun News Network, almost two years ago, it was to draw attention to the deplorable approach to education being taken by OISE.

Hopefully, the one positive thing that will come from the events of this week is that people concerned about the state of affairs in education will finally take notice and push for the University of Toronto to clean house there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, do you have any pictures of Stephen Harper with former NAMBLA mailing list member Tom Flanagan. Any comments on Flanagan's influence over the federal government?

Richard K said...

Here's a comment: A person would have to be quite stupid and lack a moral moral compass to equate the situations between Flanagan and Levin. .

Flanagan mused in academic terms about whether someone should be prosecuted for viewing child pornography, and had his career destroyed as a result. The left-wing media harped on it incessantly, while they are now, only a few days later, all by ignoring the Levin charges in order to protect his close Liberal associates.

Levin is facing criminal charges for actually producing child pornography, which is the most appalling, abusive exploitation of children in real terms.

Levin, as the most senior civil servant in the Education Ministry, was instrumental in the attempt at introducing a curriculum that was criticized as effectively grooming children for sexualization. In the context of his being charged with child pornography offenses, the concern is obvious.

Flanagan had no dealings with any federal policies related to education or child welfare.

If anything, the comparison points to the profound hypocrisy of the left.