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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Depressed because no one believes your nutty conspiracy theories? Then have I got the right therapist for you!

Are you distraught from having to face callous throngs of ignorant masses who not only dismiss your superior understanding of the world, but mock you for it?

Is the day-to-day oppression of life in a heteronormative, sexist, imperialist, colonialist, racist society like Canada's giving you the doldrums?

Are the frustrations overwhelming from knowing that the 9-11 attacks on New York and Washington were really a plot contrived by Neo-Cons and Zionists, and yet George W. Bush and Dick Cheney remain unpunished?

Have you become clinically depressed when your attempts at economically crippling the Zionist state of Israel go bust because pesky Jews come and buy out all the products you want to boycott?

Then Diana Ralph could be the right therapist for you!

Diana Ralph, denouncing Israel 
at the United Church of Canada
Ms Ralph is a noted 9-11 conspiracy theorist and hater of Israel who had been on a long medical leave from her position at Carleton University prior to her 2011 retirement.  Yet such challenges didn't prevent the industrious Ms Ralph from founding the wacko organization Independent Jewish Voices, a group of irrational, conspiratorial-minded Munchausen Jews (and quite a few pretend Jews)  who are devoted to the elimination of the Jewish State.

Now Ms Ralph has resurfaced as a therapist in private practice to serve the needs of a very particular type of the mentally ill.

As she aureately puts it:    
You always have been and always will be good, wise, intelligent, beautiful, generous, loving, honest, flexible, zestful, happy, innocent, and unique. Like the Sun, these aspects of yourself are always there. The messages you internalized when you got hurt act like clouds blocking your ability to see the Sun.
I help you to clear away the clouded (incorrect) messages about yourself, to notice again your inherent amazing self, and to free your ability to act in terms of those realities.
The healing process can begin with her services, such as anti-oppression counselling:
We all have been hurt by societal oppressions (sexism, racism, homophobia, able-ism, as well as oppressions from social class, language, religious upbringing, and societal oppression of men). I can help you heal from these hurts and regain your full pride and joy in life. I have devoted my life to ending oppression and injustice. In addition to being a therapist, I am a community organizer and activist on a broad range of issues. I validate the specific damaging impacts of societal oppressions.. 
But it doesn't stop there! There are other services Ms Ralph offers, like addiction counselling, and let`s face it - all of us are addicted to something.  And don`t be discouraged just because for one of  her "addictions counselling" resources, Ms Ralph links to Gabor Mate, whom UBC Sociology Professor Emeritus Werner Cohn recently described as a charlatan

Because if you`re at the stage where you need Diana Ralph`s help, you probably have much greater concerns.


The Hammer said...

I have a friend who just joined the united church. Was a Lutheran before. I will show this to him. Told him he was an idiot that the united church was a haven for anti-Semitic morons.

Richard K said...

They have other kinds of morons too...

The UC has become so meaningless that most of its membership just walked away. The age of the remaining membership is on average around 67, so they aren't likely to be around in significant numbers for much longer.