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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Provincial Liberal candidate Milczyn enraged by Ford support for Doug Holyday

...Milczyn — a member of Ford’s executive committee — confirmed Monday he is firing back at the mayor and “his political machine” who have entered the byelection “in a very unusual way.”

“They have endorsed Holyday, made media statements in his support, campaigned for him and attended his public events — this is not typical behaviour for a mayor,” Milczyn said in an e-mail statement to the Toronto Sun.

“The Fords have made this byelection about themselves, and are attempting to use this vote for their own personal validation.
Ford's full support for Doug Holyday comes as no surprise. When I interviewed Rob Ford while he was running for mayor in 2010, I asked him who he admired  most in politics and next to his father, who was a Progressive Conservative MPP, Doug Holyday was the man for whom the then candidate expressed the most admiration.

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