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Thursday, July 18, 2013

James Woods shreds ‘sh*t rag’ Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner’s ‘erotic fantasies’: ‘F*ck them both’

James Woods belts out on twitter what a lot of America thinks of Jann Wenner 

James Woods' twitter feed

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""I remember telling him I thought certain aspects of religion were harmful, and I brought up the 9/11 attacks." 
At which point Jahar, Will says, told him he didn't want to talk about it anymore. Will asked why. "He said, 'Well, you're not going to like my view.' So I pressed him on it, and he said he felt some of those acts were justified because of what the U.S. does in other countries, and that they do it so frequently, dropping bombs all the time." 
To be fair, Will and others note, Jahar's perspective on U.S. foreign policy wasn't all that dissimilar from a lot of other people they knew. "In terms of politics, I'd say he's just as anti-American as the next guy in Cambridge"

And here is the link to the full article at Rolling Stone

That sounds about right. The Boston Marathon bomber's views on 9-11 weren't all that different from MIT's Noam Chomsky. 

His mother's views were more in line with lunatic 9-11 conspiracy theorist and "Independent Jewish Voices" founder Diana Ralph.

"During one facial session, she says, Zubeidat told her she believed 9/11 was a government plot to make Americans hate Muslims."


Flea said...

So far as Rolling Stone is concerned, this is another tragic victim of gun violence.

Richard K said...

Unfortunately, a couple of days too late