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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heather Mallick's public descent into madness continues

Jonathan Kay on Mallick's Toronto Star column today: "one of the most bizarre and incomprehensible oped columns ever published by a Canadian broadsheet newspaper"

...It’s not snobbery, like the appalling Prince Charles and the dreadful Camilla calling themselves “Fred and Gladys” as a private joke during their affair, as though there is something disgusting about couples called Fred and Gladys, which there might well be. I have not met them.
It’s just that despite the fact that Kate and William are not snobs, the royal baby will not be called “Greg Thompson.”
But there is no reason on earth why the kinglet should not be called “Greg Thompson” and why thousands of people in years to come should not name their babies “Greg Thompson” in an effort to capture some of the royal fairy dust. “Greg Thompson” is a perfectly pleasant name and its owners are doubtless good people whom I would be pleased to know. 
I have no interest in the royal nonsense. I like Kate and William because I am toned to like Diana’s offspring, poor things — I did love that woman — but it’s not a generational interest because I am not a snob. I’m interested in who your parents were only because they were the people responsible for you being so messed up, a subject of fascination.
This still doesn't top her infamous "Hate f*ck with Rob Ford" column

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Anonymous said...

Mallick is just one of the stars so called elite ,white women writers,she sure aint Christie B
and never will be.