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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Conrad Black and Carol Off interview - which one is the deficient journalist?

The pathological hysterics at The Toronto Star have characterized this as "Carol Off sends Conrad Black to journalism school"

It's more like a biased interviewer who doesn't understand the nature of the type of program Black does, trying to prove her points and making herself look fairly stupid and belligerent in the process.

What's laughable is a CBC host trying to chastise Black for not challenging a guest who may have made an inaccurate statement. What makes it funny is the statement was about something that Ford says happened to him, while the state-funded broadcaster routinely allows not only its guests, but its own journalists to broadcast completely false, slanderous assertions involving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

You can listen to the interview at THIS LINK and judge for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I think your own bias is interfering with your judgement. Carol Off meticulously and professionally demolished Conrad Black and exposed him as a completely insufficient journalist. See Marcus Gee's comments http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/rob-ford-conrad-black-and-the-death-of-decency/article15839236/

Richard K said...

Oh, Marcus Gee! Well if a thoroughly biased writer like Gee, who has been obsessively anti-Ford for the last 3 years is supportive, I guess that settles everything.

I don't think you quite kissed Carol Off's ass enough in the comment though. Did you want to add something about her sex appeal?