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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The struggle for students to escape the creepy, corrupt Canadian Federation of Students

It is usually the Canadian Federation of Students’ job to marshal student protests, not to endure them. But that day, more than 50 students clutching lobster traps and signs reading “Canadian Federation of Suing” were gathered outside to vent their frustrations at a body they alleged had calcified into a conniving, amoral organization bent on hanging onto its disillusioned membership at all costs.

“They’re like a creepy ex-boyfriend who won’t let it go,” protester Melissa Kate Wheeler told  student journalist Jane Lytvynenko.

As president of the Concordia Student Union, Ms. Wheeler was one of a vocal cadre of student leaders across Canada with Kafkaesque tales of petitioning to leave the Federation, only to be stopped by a years long odyssey of ignored calls, counter-tactics and legal action.

In the words of an official protest statement, “students can get into CFS, but can never get out.”

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The Hammer said...

Man am I happy my university never got in bed with the CFS.