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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rob Ford apologizes to The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale

Interestingly, the apology confirms just about everything that was anticipated in this blog post...

UPDATE: The reporter for the Toronto Star, which has conducted a pathological, political vendetta against Ford, says he will continue with his lawsuit despite Ford's apology and clarification.

It would be in Mr. Dale's best interests that the Star has committed, in writing, to cover all expenses and awards in the law suit, because a plaintiff can be hit with costs in what is determined to be a nuisance suit.


Anonymous said...

It's a non-apology apology Richard. Ford didn't retract anything he said, he blamed his neigbour, he balmed media, claiming they misinterpreted his remarks and yet if the word pedophile wasn't the word he told Black he wasn't going to say, what was it? And he gave the classic non-apology line: "I'm sorry if you were offended by my remarks". Dale's right to continue suing and you're wrong to claim Ford's remarks were at all acceptable.

Richard K said...

Interesting how comments like yours almost always come in anonymously.

The only ones using the
word "pedophile" were media people in Toronto.

Ford made it clear that he neither called him nor believes Dale is a pedophile, and indeed I know of no one who believes Dan Dale is a pedophile either before or after anything Rob Ford said. So go ahead and establish damages.

The apology was almost certainly crafted with the input of Ford's lawyer, and the pursuit of the law suit at this point seems to me just more of the Star's vendetta.