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Monday, December 9, 2013

Oppressive agents of the imperialist, colonialist police state form task force to oppress survival sex workers and their 3rd party allies and collegues

That headline is how the morons at rabble.ca would say:

New RCMP unit to fight human-trafficking in Canada and abroad 

MONTREAL -- The federal public safety minister has announced the creation of an RCMP unit that will work closely with law-enforcement partners in Quebec to fight human-trafficking in Canada and abroad.

Steven Blaney says significant progress has been made over the past year but that much work remains to be done on what he calls the despicable crime of modern-day slavery in Canada.

"Sometimes it can be a young girl who falls in love with an individual and who is then pushed into prostitution -- it can be as horrible as that,"

The Rabble guide to acceptable language for sex work

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