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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Palestinian worship of death

At a Palestinian Authority event under the auspices of Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, with the participation of the Minister of Culture, the Palestinian Authority portrayed murder as a positive act.

The event started with PA Minister of Culture Anwar Abu Aisha honoring a number of released terrorist murderers by inviting them on stage and awarding them PA plaques of honor. Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA uses cultural events to honor terrorists.

Later in the program, a play was performed by Palestinian youth. The play opens with young actors who are divided into two rival camps of Hamas and Fatah supporters. Eventually they throw away their Fatah and Hamas flags, uniting under the PA flag. Then they shoot and kill all the "Israelis." Among the dead bodies of the Israelis, they find a Palestinian who had been spying for Israel.

The "spy" begs for his life. However, the Palestinian leader makes him kneel down and shoots him in the head.

h-t Marvin W.

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