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Monday, December 16, 2013

Study shows Americans are more generous than Canadians

...“We like to think of ourselves here in Canada as a very generous population, but the data doesn’t bear that out, particularly when we compare Canada to the United States,” said study co-author Charles Lammam.

While more than a quarter of Americans – 26.0 per cent – donated to charities in 2011, only 22.9 per cent of Canadians could say the same. Americans gave 1.33 per cent of their aggregate income to charities – more than double that of Canadians, who donated just 0.64 per cent of their aggregate income.

Lammam said Americans are also on a trend of donating less, but that the gap in generosity between the United States and Canada has widened over time.

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The Hammer said...

Take Quebec out and how does it look?