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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Rob Ford interview with Conrad Black

This is quite an interesting interview. Ford makes some good points in his favor. One of the interesting aspects that emerges is the sleazy stalking to which The Toronto Star's reporters, particularly Robyn Doolittle and Daniel Dale, have subjected him and his family.


Unknown said...

Interesting that you don't repeat Slim's insinuation that Daniel Dale is a pedophile.

I wonder why.

Jesus, God, this is going to be a fun election. I hope he can raise the money to get wholly humiliated. I doubt that he will, though. Hizzoner will almost certainly drop out by April.

Then I'll get the joy of watching the hypocritical fuck trying to get a media job.

Richard K said...

That was not the insinuation I inferred, Skippy.

He said his kids were in the back and Dale was taking pictures of them. In the longer version of the interview that Vision TV broadcast last night, he made it clear that he didn't know if Dale was taking pictures of his kids, but he had the natural instinct that any parent would have, to be concerned when neighbors alerted him that an intruder was peering into his back yard and taking pictures while his kids were there.

Skippy, you know I like you, but the obsessive all-out, hard-on you have for Ford isn't healthy. And I'll put real money on Ford having no trouble funding his campaign. No one who knows anything about Toronto politics is counting him out, including the cretins at al Starzeera.

Maybe you can find good to say about some of Ford's opponents as a healthy alternative. Why not use your dormant blog to extol the virtues, if you can identify some, of David Soknacki or Karen Stintz?

Anonymous said...

Richard, why did you leave out of the mayoral candidate list the other possibilities of John (I'm a media personality) Tory, Olivia (I'm a sculptor) Chow and Sarah (I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy, I said I'm not crazy) Thompson?

Shirley said...

Thank you Richard for clarifying things for me. Didn't see the interview, and all I've heard all day is the media's interpretation of what they wanted us to hear.

Anonymous said...

It seems there were no kids in the backyard, according to the police investigation of the incident. Yet another Ford lie.

Unknown said...


If one of the Brothers Ford says something, you an almost be guaranteed that it's a lie.

If they want to prove what they're saying, they can release the security video of the incident in question. But they won't because the truth never helps them, and even when it does, they prefer lying. The last six months has turned that from theory into scientific fact.


Frankly, I could give a shit if Rob Ford lives or dies, which hardly makes me "obsessed," healthily or otherwise. although I do have to admit that I almost admire the stupid, suicidal stubbornness he clings to as his entire life is burning down around his fucking ears.

I will admit to being obsessed with freakshows. I always have been. From Iran-Contra to OJ to the Clinton impeachment through to Michael Jackson, Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Wiener. I have over sixty books on Richard Nixon and Watergate on my shelves and i love them all as if they were my own children.

Ford is perhaps the single greatest freakshow of my life and, in the darkest recesses of what passes for my soul, I love him for it. More than anyone else, he affirms everything I spent years saying about him in public.

But Crackhead Rob is different. Unlike every other scandal I've ever paid attention to, Hizzoner seems to glory in his disgrace. the only person that's come to close to the mayor in that is OJ.

We elected a reality TV star government and I think it's the greatest thing in the world. I would be at all surprised if by next spring he releases a video of him getting sodomized by James Deen.

Part of me doesn't want to see Ford lose because I love this more than you can ever know, just as you would love Kathleen Wynne butchering a hobo.

On the other hand, I'm a pretty pragmatic political observer, and I can't see a way that he wins. No serious person will work his campaign or endorse him, he has no media support and zero Council allies that aren't his blood relations or brain-damaged curs. As things currently stand, there's only one challenger on the left and several on the center and right. Please enlighten me how you win a race like that.

You're awfully selective in citing polling that supports your fantasy or Slim's popularity, Richard.

He's at 42% job approval, which hardly matters, since re-elect numbers are the ones to look at.

But just for fun, I'll play your game. There was a poll released this morning showing Norm Kelly at 65% job approval - 23 points higher than your boy's.