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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sleazeball tactics from Toronto City Councillors Mihevc and Matlow & other Christmas tidbits

- Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group following a car bomb attack in Cairo that kills at least 14 people and wounded over 100.

- An American living in the United Arab Emirates was sentenced to a year in prison for making a YouTube video (below) spoofing teen culture in Dubai under their cyber crime laws outlawing posting content on the internet that "tarnishes the nation's reputation abroad "

- 34 Christians were murdered on Christmas by terrorists using car bombs, including 26 at a Catholic Church service.

- Meanwhile, here in Toronto, power has been restored restored to almost all of the less-than-10 per cent of the city that was affected. But that didn't stop sleazeball City Councillors Mihevc and Matlow from trying to exploit the local power outage by sending out Christmas Eve messages bemoaning how Rob Ford didn't hand over his powers to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly by declaring a formal state of emergency. The fact that such a declaration would make absolutely no difference to the response and could actually inconvenience consumers and businesses over the holiday season is evidently immaterial to the pair of self-interested, opportunists. 

Ho Ho Ho!

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