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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pathologically stupid "Jewish Forward" writer implies anyone who makes fun of Obamacare Pajama Boy is a Nazi

An article in The Jewish Forward by Jay Michaelson, the vice president of the Arcus Foundation, the world's leading LGBT funder, as well as the founder of Nehirim, an LGBT Jewish organization, is so astoundingly ridiculous and idiotic, it seems as if it could only have been written for the satirical website The Onion.

But it wasn't. 

In a deadly serious tome, Michaelson reveals his bizarre pathologies, insecurities and incredible stupidity by suggesting you must be an anti-Semitic, homophobic Nazi if you make fun of the epicene spokesthingee for Obamacare known as Onesie Pajama Boy.
Whether or not the Pajama-Boy bashers are unconsciously anti-Semitic or not, I don’t know. Consciously, they are against everything “Judaism” stands for, at least as construed by its enemies: outsiderness, cosmopolitanism, liberalism, a progressive rather than nativist agenda, an opposition to the notion that there is one kind of “normal” person, a sympathy for the underdog and the immigrant as opposed to the successful and the privileged, and, yes, a rejection of a certain gendered, masculinist understanding of justice wherein the strong survive and the weak are trampled underfoot like the untermenschen they are.

That fascistic outlook has long been a part of far-right conservatism – whether in revisionist Zionism, contemporary French/Hungarian/Greek nationalism, American Republicanism, or German fascism.
For some time, imbecile leftists have lobbed the term "fascist"  at anyone who disagrees with their sanctimonious ignorance.

But even so, by making weird allegations without an iota of substantiation, other than whatever is going on within his own unhinged thought processes,  it's rare that they go to the lengths Michaelson did to demonstrate the extent to which subservience to certain leftist ideologies resembles mental illness.

h/t Kathy S

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting how leftists label - as fascist - those who don't fully comply to their flippant hypocrisy. I tend to think that their psychiatrists call it projection.