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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Federal Court upholds Jason Kenney`s decision to defund anti-Semitic, terror-supporting Canadian Arab Federation

In 2009 as Minister of Citizenship, Jason Kenney halted federal funding to the anti-Semitic, terror-supporting extremists of the Canadian Arab Federation. Last May, the CAF took Kenney to court to try to have the funding restored.

Evidently, the CAF case was as incompetent as one would expect from such hateful buffoons. I am informed a large part of their argument rested on using quotes from articles by radical loony-leftist Judy Rebick.

Today, according to tweets from Jason Kenney, the Court has upheld Kenny`s decision.

At a press conference I attended a couple of years ago when I asked about the funding for another radical NGO called Alternatives International, based in Montreal, Kenney discussed the difficulty of getting funding removed from such groups.

Tim Uppal, another Federal Cabinet Minister, then told me following the conference how important it is for the public to speak out and pressure the government to remove funding from such organizations. Because with the tactics these groups use to keep their snouts in the public trough, public support for the government in these cases is critical.


Unknown said...

I'm working on a story that includes Alternatives International now- discovering their influence on the revolutionary crowd. Thanks for sharing this.

Richard K said...

Looking forward to seeing your story!