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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

If the United Nations doesn't like it, it can't be all bad

The United Nations has its knickers in a twist over Uruguay's decision to legalize marijuana.

The United Nations are big on governments deciding what people can and can't do for their own health, whether the like it or not, or whether or not it makes sense.

However, they haven't said anything about Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau's promise that if he becomes Prime Minister, he'll do the same thing in Canada as Uruguay has just done.

Possibly because no one expects a Canadian Liberal Party leader to ever keep an election promise.


The Hammer said...

That's it. Now I am 100% behind the move to legalize marijuana in Canada.

Unknown said...

Christ, you think that the UN are busybodies? They don't come close to the United States on the subject of drugs and national sovereignty.

And supporters of Rob Ford's recent orgy or crack and skag use might find making fun of the Trudeau proposal an ... ineffective tactic.

Getting behind Stephen Harper's deranged and expensive mandatory minimums for drug offences while screaming from the rooftops that Ford's rapid transformation into Sid Vicious is a purely personal matter suggests that whoever does it is silly at best and severely retarded at worst.

Lookee, I could give a shit if Mayor Biggie Smalls starts openly smoking meth on the campaign trail. However, I would expect that he extend that courtesey to everybody else without demanding that they be sent to the pokey forever.

Moreover, Etobicoke Slim - if you choose to believe him - seems to prove that you can be a casual user of cocaine and heroin without being "sick." Of course, he'd deny it, but that only speaks to his own perverse hypocrisy and self-entitlement.

If we could get the moralizing assholes of Team Jesus to shut the fuck up for twenty minutes, we might actually figure out that drug legalization is a fundamentally conservative position. It saves an assload of money on a demonstrably failed policy and has the effect of getting the government to mind its own fucking business.

Shirley said...

I'm not. Don't I wish Trudeau was lying about it. Hopefully this isn't something I'll have to worry about for a long while.