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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just in case you needed confirmation that Toronto Councillor Shelley Carroll is an idiot

One of the reasons that embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's support is holding so firm, aside from his sincere efforts to curb wasteful municipal spending, is one of default. It's that his City Council opponents are blithering idiots who are salivating at the prospect at getting their grubby hands back inside your wallets. 

One such example is Shelley Carroll, a posturing, juvenile grandstander who is obviously exactly as bright as she presents.

According to The Toronto Sun:
Carroll suggested Ford was holding up that police probe by “hiding behind his lawyer” and refusing to meet with investigators.

“We are now at the point where I can’t think of any Torontonian who would have been able to put off answering questions for the police who have politely asked for this long,” Carroll said.   
Evidently Ms Carroll is unaware that unlike Stalin's Russia or Castro's Cuba, a state that has the affinity of the left wing of Toronto's City Council, Canadians cannot be legally compelled to speak to police.

They can be arrested if police believe they have sufficient grounds to lay charges (which they evidently do not in the case of Ford) , but even then they cannot be forced to answer police questions. We have this thing called a Constitution and a Charter of Rights, plus long-standing British legal traditions which deal with these matters.

It couldn't be that Ms Carroll was having some drug-induced hallucination where she thought we were all living in the sort of police state we would have if she and her ilk were ever placed in charge, could it?

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Liberal said...

Thank goodness that if we get Olivia Chow as mayor she is likely to put back David Miller's choice for Budget Chief, Shelley Carroll!

Who better than a former bank teller with experience in doling out money to manage Toronto's annual $9.6 Billion budget and multi-billion dollar capital budget.

Miller's operating budget first under mayoral hopeful David Soknacki then Shelley Carroll as budget chiefs only went from $6.6 Billion in 2004 to $9.2 Billion in 2010. That's only 39% over 6 years, or only about 5.7% a year. At that rate it would take a huge 13 years for the budget to more than double and who cares about 13 years from now? At least there would be a lot of people employed with good pensions.