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Thursday, December 12, 2013

OISE pushing plagiarist-funded identity politics into public schools

Remember when you were a kid in grade school and Halloween was approaching?  The whole week before was a time of fun and anticipation. Never have I seen a kid, or even heard of one anecdotally, who wasn't happy about having a party at school, dressing up in costume and best of all, loads of free candy!

But that's not quite how they view things at the wretched Marxist cesspool of radical indoctrination for teachers called The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE).

According to a new document called "The Professional Learning Series for Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy" prepared at that Mordor of Education, Halloween is not that time of joy you remember from your childhood, but is "a controversial Western holiday."

You might also have the foolish notion in your head that if someone immigrates to a country, they should take it upon themselves,  and encourage their children, to adapt to their adopted society and culture.

Silly you!. By saying such a thing aloud, you've engaged in hate speech according to the Toronto District School Board. That sort of fundamental logic only applies to Islamic countries, where they will beat a woman senseless should she dare to appear in public in immodest clothing. Or maybe also in a few exceptions like Quebec, where they have felt the need to take the drastic measure of banning religious garb at work for publicly paid employees.

But in the rest of this progressive land, as so deemed by the gatekeepers of educational totalitarianism at OISE, it is Canada that must bend to the will and culture of anyone who arrives on our shores and objects to the traditions we have insensitively practiced for generations.
One of the associate teachers in the project discussed an
issue that surfaced in her school at Halloween. She
observed that many students with cultural or religious
objections to the holiday had no choice but to sit in the
library during the celebrations. She realized that this
structure was inequitable and didn’t reflect the diversity
of the school. This teacher decided to convene a group of
teachers to discuss this issue and to host a fun event for
the students who couldn’t or chose not to participate in
the controversial Western holiday
Now,  is it so bad that children who were compelled by their parents to sit out the most fun day of the school year were provided with a fun alternative?  On the surface it might seem not. But think for a moment.

What this type of policy does, is to encourage people not to adapt to Canadian culture and tradition. The outcomes of that self-defeating approach can be seen in the poisonous culture of victimology that has infected myriad aspects of our society.

That poison is actively promoted at OISE, but that shouldn't be any surprise by now. OISE, which produces the people who create school curricula in Ontario, has played midwife to innumerable imbecilic ideas birthed at that institution. It's not just the students who produce deranged theses such as one that proclaims that western feminists opposed to female genital mutilation are lascivious racists motivated by an obsession with genitalia. Even the institute's administrators are pushing depraved bigotry, like OISE professor Sheryl Nestel, who claims Canadian Jews support Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a community to "maintain its place the racial order."

What's rather curious about the new OISE paper is that it acknowledges that it was funded in part by disgraced former Toronto District School Board Director Chris Spence, who resigned his position after numerous instances of his committing plagiarism, including in his doctoral thesis, came to light.

OISE wants your kids to choose their gender regardless of their sex
The paper is filled with the predictable stupidity one comes to expect from OISE. As an institution where ideology trumps facts and doctrine overrules science, it's hardly surprising that they want to undo the sort of gender distinctions that are a natural outgrowth of the biological differences between males and females.

Possibly less of a challenge to them is to try to shame kids away from using the word "gay" in a negative context. Still, they may have a hard time with that one too. I support gay rights and gay marriage, and do not think gays should face any form of legal discrimination. But even so, it should be rather obvious that as long as 98% of the normal male population continues to find the idea of having a penis shoved in their sphincter repugnant, getting rid of the negative connotation is going to be a hard sell.

If you say "gay" as anything but a compliment or as a positive adjective,
 you're committing an OISE Hate Crime
Curiously, as these so-called Social Justice issues that OISE is pushing in public schools permeate more and and more of the curriculum in Ontario, the Minister of Education and the Toronto District School Board are in a quandary trying to figure out why their students' capabilities in mathematics have taken a corresponding nose dive.

TDSB Director Donna Quan has reportedly asked her principals to come up with ways to improve math scores in their schools and across the Board. What is curious is that they have missed the unmissable solution of focusing more on core subjects and less on the politicized, ideological bullshit coming from OISE. Then again, maybe not so curious.  Because to understand that would require a measure of basic common sense the people who run our education system have yet to demonstrate.

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Shirley said...

I don't know what happened, but this is the 2nd time I'm typing this. So if its a duplicate I'm sorry.

This message is everywhere in Toronto. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked "What country are you from?", and when I tell them "I was born here.", their faces drop with disappointment.

I saw a CBC interview, and a Canadian African claimed "If you are not from another country, you are not a Canadian.", and "Canada was built on the backs of immigrants."

I don't feel like a Canadian anymore, and I would move if I could. I appreciate the things we have (like healthcare etc.), but it's our culture, and our tradions that provide stability and happiness.

So is this our destiny? Will Stephen Harper simply say, change is evident, and out with the old, in with the new? Very sad.

Oh yeah something else had ticked me off like nobodies business. A complaint was lodged against a school principal for dressing up as Mr.T for Halloween. I felt like ripping the face off of the man who called the principal "insensitive". This is an example of political correctness gone bad. I'm on political correctness overload. I am constantly having to learn new terms to accomodate over-sensitive individuals like that creepy frilly man who filed the complaint against that poor principal who wore a costume of a hero figure who happened to be black. This shit has got to stop!