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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A remarkable auction of photographs

The International Herald Tribune is auctioning its collection of historical photographs until November 12 in Paris.

The portraits include most of the major figures of the 20th Century (and some from the 19th) including George Bernard Shaw, Churchill, Jack Kennedy, Henry Miller, Simone de Beauvoir, Hans Christian Andersen, Anton Chekov , Josef Stalin..the list gores on and on. If you're curious about seeing some (these days) seldom seen images of them, you should check out the catalogue at this link


rick mcginnis said...

There's a great portrait of Patton. Ah, if I were a rich man.

Then I'd probably buy the picture of Castro as well, and laminate it to the bottom of my toilet.

Richard K said...

The bidding is rather complex, requiring information about your bank account, which leads me to believe the items will be quite dear.

While the catalogue is in English, the bidding link is in French, making it that much more difficult for some of us. But some really amazing shots - if there's anyone you were really found fascinating in the world of politics or film, chances are there's a rare image to be found in the auction.

Richard K said...

Oh - and if I had to pick just one (if I could pick one) to take home - there's an amazing photo of Wilbur Wright in the Flyer.