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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Terror supporters come out to shriek in Toronto

Toronto's Bloor Street, in front of the Royal Ontario Museum, was barricaded on the north and south to divide a pro-Hamas gang of terror supporters that numbered about three hundred from about one hundred mostly Jewish supporters of Israel.

Looking south at the Hamasites
The scene was completely predictable, the usual suspects of swarthy, bearded Muslims with their hijab adorned women were bolstered by radical anti-western leftists like Socialist Action. The small, inbred,  Jewish fringe group Neutrei Karta sent the same pair of freakish looking lunatics that attend such rallies, so the Palestinians can trot them up to the front of the crowd and make the spurious claim it is only Zionists and not Jews that they hate. That leaves unmentioned the Hamas Charter which calls for the murder of Jews and frequently references the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

One of the Neutrei Karta crazies 
On the south side of the street, the Hamas supporters were for the most part wearing their Palestinian kefeyehs. Among them was the repugnant Ali Mallah, who is a leader of the anti-Israel crowd and a fixture at such gatherings. They included a sickly-looking handful of white students desperate for some semblance of identity and appropriating that of something they believe to be an "oppressed" culture is a wet dream for those half-wits.
Pro-Israel to the north

One of the distinct differences between the opposing camps was that the pro-Israel supporters were normal, middle-class citizens. There was a jovial atmosphere on the north side of the street where they assembled, with a number of them having brought their pet dogs. The Hamas supporters, some of whom carried posters with a picture of the terror organizations recently eliminated military wing commander, had their own type of festivities going on. They would shout abuse and claims of victimization and then the group would go into a hysterical frenzy, resembling the Arab crowds in Gaza or Tehran roaring Allahu Akbar! and Death to America! Anyone who has seen the movie Argo would recognize their resemblance to the throng that stormed the US Embassy.

Blogger Blazing Cat Fur was there, as was Blogwrath. Blazing Cat Fur observed  the main reason the terror supporters outnumbered the Israel supporters was because few among the former have jobs or families. The Hamasites are professional protesters and malcontents while the Israel supporters have real lives and responsibilities to attend. The idiots from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) who were there in support of Hamas was exemplary of that.  OCAP is primarily made up of people who collect Ontario Disability Support Payments (ODSP) because of psychiatric illness that renders them unemployable.

In the midst of the bad guys
These demonstrations and counter-demonstrations are not occasions for serious exchange of ideas. They are groups of people yelling at each other while ignoring what they say. Their entire message can be taken in within the first moment you see them. In that regard the opposing messages were clear; the Palestinians were holding flags of Palestine and pictures of terrorists and banners from groups that despise western society. They have no loyalty to the country in which they now reside. There was only one Canadian flag on their side and ironically, it was held by one of the crazy Neutrei Karta Jews.

The supporters of Israel held Canadian and Israeli flags together. Their message was of the shared values of the two democratic nations. Values that Palestinian supporters of terrorism and their useful idiot Canadian allies utterly reject.


Anonymous said...

ps not all people with disabilities are against Israel or pro douchebags

Richard K said...

Absolutely - nor did I mean to suggest they are. That was to illustrate the nature of that particular group, whose membership is in addition to being comprised primarily of people with mental illness, is manipulated by a leader who advocates for class warfare.

Anne said...

The usual suspects, but apparently this year there was an anti-Semitic Hungarian group. That is very sad.

Richard K said...

Blogwrath did some excellent coverage of that.

Yup, the far left and Islamists..it was only a matter of time before they made common cause with their natural allies, the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

The Hugarian guy must be out of touch. Today's European far right groups such as the Freedom Party in Holland and Austria and even the National Front in France back Israel and view Muslims the way they used to view Jews. He needs to get with the program.

Richard K said...

The serious Nazis, like in days of old, have always and still ally themselves with Islamic forces to try to get the Jews.

Anonymous said...

There's been a shift. If you read some of the propaganda about Muslims in Europe and compare it with anti-Semitic propaganda from the early 20th century it's very similar. Aliens, foreigners, different customs, unable and unwilling to assimiliate, a threat to the security of the state and civilization, wanting to overthrow it and replace it (in the case of Jews the accusation was they wanted to make Europe socialist or Communist - Judeo-Bolshevism to use Hitler's term - with Muslims they are accused of wanted to Islamicise - and don't forget the number of children they have and the demographic threat -this was said of Jews 100 years ago and of Muslims today. Islamophobia is the new anti-semitism. Nazis can't get much currency with anti-semtism these days as Jews are either gone from Europe or completely assimilated. Muslims are a much better target for xenophobes. That's why the younger generation of Nazis are Islamophobes. For instance, Jean Marie Le Pen denied the Holocaust, his daughter supports Israel and preaches anti-Muslim hatred.

Richard K said...

There are notable differences - and the demonstration in this article has nothing to do with Europe.

Another factor you neglect to mention is that Jews did not commit acts of terror in Europe or North America in the name of Judaism, whereas Islamic terrorists commit their acts in the name of their religion.

You also seem to have forgotten the historical bonds between Nazis and Muslim leaders like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Arab countries, like in Syria and others where many escaped Nazis took refuge.