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Monday, November 19, 2012

Greg meets Jenny: A love story (well.. not exactly)

From Greg Renouf at GenuineWitty:
I was walking through the crowd at last night’s anti Jewish National Fund rally (as an observer) quietly filming the crowd when I heard someone behind me make claims that I’m a racist, sexist homophobe. My first reaction was to think “oh yeah, I’m at an old-left rally- it was bound to happen. This is what they do when they disagree with someone- start throwing around unfounded hate. Using anti-oppression as a weapon is the old-left’s ultimate form of oppression… 
She then looked at me and accused me of being homophobic. Unfortunately for her, she made a big mistake.

Greg refers to me in his post as a conservative - I tend to think of myself as a centrist with libertarian leanings and I`m pretty liberal about certain things, but why split hairs.. (RK)

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