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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Your tax dollars hard at work: CBC airing pro-Obama comedy special

I received a couple of emails from the PR firm promoting an upcoming CBC "comedy" special called The American Dream? this Sunday night, with comedians joking about the upcoming election.

From all they've sent me so far, it looks like it's a show featuring comedians talking about how wonderful Obama is and how terrible it would be to have Romney as President.

To give the facade of balance, one segment is called Making Fun of Obama, featuring the angry middle-aged American Comedian Lewis Black, whose trademark shtick is to scream his entire routine with bitter hostility.

It turns out "making fun of Obama" is Lewis Black making fun of how super smart Obama is and how that is so scary for the Republicans.

The barbs directed at Romney are not nearly so flattering, but that's no surprise coming from the people who make programming decisions at The Kremlin CBC headquarters.

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