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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The will of Toronto's voters undermined by a handful of unelected grievance mongers

The hateful core of the slow-witted left are gleeful that a judge ordered that Rob Ford be removed from office.

That laughter is going to fade very soon. Ford is appealing the ruling, which means he will likely get a stay of the order and may be able to hold on to his mayoral seat until the end of his term.

But what the Ford-haters don't seem to understand is that Ford was elected by an overwhelming margin. He received almost as many votes as all of his rivals combined. Do they really think that come the next election, those Torontonians are going to be grateful that their votes and democratic will was undermined by a miserable clique of liberal elitists?

Ford, unlike his spendthrift, tax-happy, pompous, predecessor David Miller has kept his promises, reduced spending, and sucessfully negotiated contracts with the union without giving the farm away to them. The snobbish, self-absorbed, self-congratulatory media who despised Ford's uncool image are thrilled Ford is gone. But beyond that little minority that they represent, for whom do they really speak?

There will be payback at the voting polls next election - and it won't come in the form of votes for anyone like John Tory or Josh Matlow or Adam Vaughan or Olivia Chow. If not Rob, then Doug, but a few people are in for a nasty shock, because someone from the Ford family is likely to be mayor of Toronto again.


The Hammer said...

I would not might seeing Holyday go for it.

The Hammer said...

The Toronto Star (Or as I like to call them, Red Star Toronto) is already telling people what kind of mayor Toronto needs:
In other words. They are telling us Toronto needs a mayor who will spend, spend, spend.

Richard K said...

I'm not sure whether Christopher Hume is Heather Mallick in drag or the other way round