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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brian Lilley and Michael Coren on the media shielding the fanatics protesting Jason Kenney

Brian and Michael discuss the nature of the groups protesting against Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and how the mainstream media who harbor antipathy for the government whitewashed them.

You may recognize some of the visual images my friends at Sun TV used in the segment below from this post.

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Anonymous said...

Kenney's attitudes towards the Roma are quite awful and completely neglects the way their treated in Hungary and the rise of the anti-Gypsy (and anti-Semitic) Jobbik party. I think many Jews are uneasy with Kenney's policies on this question and I don't see how the board of Canadian Friends of Haifa U respect or represent Jewish public opinion. Also, I've always found this obsequious and ingratiating attitude that our Jewish institutions have towards whoever is the government of the day rather embarrassing and undignified. Whether Liberal or Tory the PM of the day is always asked to chair this or that dinner and he and his cabinet ministers are always showered with awards. Do our "leaders" really have to be that craven?